Black Bridge

Black Bridge

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Our original cafe espresso blend.  

Refined over years of use in cafes and kitchens around the country.  It's full of flavour and well suited to a variety of brewing methods from a simple plunger to a hipster V60.  Pairs beautifully with milk or on its own as nature intended.


This blend currently consists of the following specialty origins:

Colombia Canon de las Hermosas

Nevada del Huilia region

Fully washed and sun dried

Altitude of 1500-2000m

Mixed varietal

The farmers of Canon de las Hermosas have coffee planted along the very steep sides of the canyon that forms part of Las Hermosas National Park.  This provides an ideal micro climate for the cultivation of specialty coffee.


Brazil Doce Verao

Sul De Minas, Matas De Minas, Mogiana, Vale Do Jequitinhonha region

Natural processed and sun dried

Altitude of 800-1200m

Mixed varietal

Contributors to this blend are a mix of Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and Specialty producers.