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Costa Rica Martin Urena

Costa Rica Martin Urena

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Country: Costa Rica
Region: San Francisco de León Cortes, Tarrazú Growers: Martín Ureña
Farm: La Montañita
Variety: Caturra-Catuaí
Process: Better Natural

“In this process the coffee undergoes a small aerobic fermentation, because we put the coffee in to the plastic bags, and this is espousing to the environment. The temperature increases very fast after the second day, so we have to be taking the temperature every hour. When the coffee reaches the appropriate temperature, it is placed on the African beds for the drying process, in this process the coffee is constantly turned to avoid another uncontrolled fermentation.”

Temperature Range: 25 – 30 oC
Initial brix degrees: 22 – 28
Final brix degrees: 20
Type of drying: In African beds, 100% in the sun Time to drying: 20 days

Elevation: 1,800 masl Packaging: 46 kg grainpro

Microbeneficio La Chumeca

‘Our motto is 50% passion 50% love’

“The Chumeca Micromill is a business dedicated to the production and processing of coffee, we produce only natural coffee, because we need to be good with the environment so we prefer the dry process.”

This micromill is lead by Martin Ureña and his family. Martín is a fourth generation coffee grower, but he said that when he began to love the coffee was in 2014 when he started to process coffee. Also we produce different kinds of fermentation process, and we have four years experimenting with anaerobic, and aerobic process. For this work we have twelve stainless steel tanks and four times per day we take different measures such as: ph, brix degrees, temperature. To determine the appropriate extraction time.

Every four years we are doing different combination process, with aerobic and anaerobic fermentation, and like result we have three different process, the 777, the Capulinero and the Aerobic Coffee.

For us, every coffee that we make is really special, because in the plantation the first measures that we take is the brix degrees. It is correct when it is around 22 – 28 brix degree. We work all the time with love and passion, and thinking about the person who is going to taste this coffee in the future, and what reactions he will have when trying it.