Colombia Javier Rubio

Colombia Javier Rubio

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Farmer: Javier Rubio - Colombia Natural

Farm: Finca el Libano.
Region: Gaitania, Tolima, Columbia.
Variety: San Bernardo
Altitude: 1700-1800m
Process: Natural
Harvest date: April 2020
Fermentation: 14 hour whole cherry fermentation under water (anaerobic)
Drying time: 25 days total direct drying in raised beds

Javier Rubio is a producer who was born in the municipality of Gaitania, Tolima. All his family have been coffee growers for as long as he can remember. Javier worked in the fields until he was 15 years old and about 10 years ago, he bought his own farm, El Líbano. There he began growing Caturra, however over time he decided to plant other varieties such as Yellow Bourbon and San Bernardo. He is currently incredibly happy with the production of the San Bernardo and the cup profile.