Firsthand Journal 02

Firsthand Coffee Journal 2

Kia Ora! We have two exciting new single origin coffees just roasted and new home compostable packaging.

Farmer Javier Rubio- Colombia Natural

Farm: Finca el Libano.
Region: Gaitania, Tolima, Columbia.
Variety: San Bernardo
Altitude: 1700-1800m
Process: Natural
Harvest date: April 2020
Fermentation: 14 hour whole cherry fermentation under water (anaerobic)
Drying time: 25 days total direct drying in raised beds

Why we are excited about this coffee:

Matt: There is a positive community in Colombia now working with small farmers and pushing the boundaries. This is not a standard natural process, the 14-hour fermentation really plays apart in the flavor profile, bringing more acidity to cup quality than a straight natural process.
Super juicy, intense, big fruit forward cup, apricot and nectarine stone-fruit, strawberry jam with manuka honey sweetness.

Al: The best coffee I have ever tried.

Shop Javier Rubio- Colombia Natural
Farmer: Andres Londoño- Gesha

Finca Manatiales
Region: Valle del Cauca, Columbia.
Variety: GESHA
Altitude: 1800-2000m
Process: Lactic washed
Harvest date: April 2020
Fermentation: 42 hours 22C 

Why we are excited about this coffee:

Al: This coffee strikes an interesting balance of coffee variety and the way its processed.

Matt: I first meet this coffee on a blind cupping table where its complexities, sweetness, and bright tropical fruit notes completely shone above all other coffees on the table. This is the first time in over a 12-month period I would have placed a coffee as over 90+.
Gesha is very hard to grow and highly sort after, challenges at origin include a shallow root structure and low crop yield per plant means greater maturation per cherry, thereby increasing its perceived acidity and overall sweetness. It’s just amazing! 

Shop Andres Londono- Coloumbia Gesha
New home compostable packing by Econic.

We are focused on minimizing our waste to landfill through out the the business. We have been looking for an option that maintains coffee quality while also being zero waste to landfill. We think our new Econic home compostable bags achieve both these goals.

If you would like us to recycle your old Firsthand plastic coffee bags bring them in to one of our cafes we have soft plastic recycling bins and we send the soft plastic directly to Future Post NZ to repurpose. 

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